Campaign for safety on the beaches of Europe


ImageEvery year, around 35,000 to 40,000 people drown in Europe*. This means, statistically speaking, that in Europe 100 people are dying every day in the water -- on holiday, on a day out or doing their job. After road traffic accidents, drowning is the second highest cause of death amongst children in almost every European country. campaigns for the prevention of drowning and, alongside numerous other advisory initiatives, publishes its monthly 'Newsletter for the Prevention of Drowning'.

In 2008, will be presenting a photo-installation to bring this situation to the attention of the whole of Europe. In May 2008, one hundred people of all nationalities and ages, from to pensioners, will lie down on a stretch of sand on the Spanish Balearic Island of Formentera for the 100 EACH DAY project.

The 100 volunteers will first have coated each other with blue paint. The photo shoot, due to take place between 20 and 24 May 2008, will involve the use of either a crane or a helicopter looking down from above.

Registration: Wednesday 21/5/08 at 6.00pm in Formentera at Restaurante Es Arenals, Playa Mgjorn. Photo shoot: Thursday 22/5/08 at 1.00pm in Formentera. After Shooting Party: Thursday 22/5/08 at 9.00pm Bar Zic Zac, Formentera. Alternative date for photo shoot: Saturday 24/5/08 at 1.00pm.

You can apply to take part in the photo shoot or to join the events management team, any time before 30 april 2008, by writing to the following email address: . will confirm registrations by e-mail.

The following conditions apply: participants in the photo shoot (22/5/08) must be present in Formentera for registration (21/5/08) and also be available for the alternative date for the photo shoot (in case of adverse weather conditions) on 24/5/08.

Participants and the events management team will not receive any fee. But as a thank-you for their involvement, all volunteers will receive a limited edition poster of the photo installation, signed by the photographer.

* Source: World Health Organisation WHO

ImageThe safety requirements for holiday makers and leisure seekers is ever increasing which also applies for issues regarding drowning.

Almost up to 40.000 people are drowning annually in Europe alone with the alarming tendency of further increases. The main reasons for drowning are a lack of information of dangerous conditions, foolhardiness, overconfidence in estimating own swimming capabilities, neglect of duty of care and a lack of supervision, warning systems and life savers.

Experts estimate 80 % of all drowning could be prevented.

The independent organisation "" is committed to supply up to date information about safety issues for European beaches and related topics like travelling, holiday and leisure, swimming and water safety.

After the tragic drowning of his very own sister in 1999, Rolf Lüke - a resident of Bremen - was the founder of the independent organisation "", designed to help to prevent further similar accidents. In addition, recreational items are published and the response of nearly one million visitors to our German website combined with the efforts of approximately 400 volunteers throughout Europe makes it all worthwhile.

The visitors to our website are obviously interested in safety issues and represent holiday makers, families, senior citizen, young adults, community groups and organisations that prioritize in safety and holiday issues.

Our most important goals are the provisions of  information in regard to water safety, risk assessment, investigative reports and preventions of drowning.

Apart from newsworthy information we specialise in risk assessment of particular beaches, analysing of accidental drowning, providing services for holiday makers, athletes and the service industry representing leisure and tourism.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry beyond information provided.

Please contact:
Werderstr. 39/41  |  D-28199 Bremen  | Germany    
Tel.: +49 (0)172/4003073
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